Croce di Febo


Grappa “Sospiro”

Grappa di Vino Nobile di Montepulciano harvest 2011 D.O.C.G
Production area: Commun of Montepulciano in sub area Argiano and S. Savino. Grapes:
Pnugnolo Gentile 100%
Growing system: organic farming without the use of fertilizers, with alternating row (one wiht grass and one extirpated).
Average yield per h: 30 hl. Altitude: 230/310 mt on the sea level.
Age of the vines:18 years.
Distillation: After pressing the pomace were placed in plastic bags by 30 kg where they were vacuum ealed and stored under until the time of distillation. The distillation process (discontinuous method in stills, according to the canons of the craft “bainmarie” with repetitions of the sedimentation) was performed by the distillery Alboni in Colle Val d’Elsa. The distillate is aged in stainless steal vats for 3 months before bottling.
Bottling: without filtration and placed on the market after aging in bottle for at least 3 months.
Alcohol: 42% Vol
Serving temperature: ’18 ° C

Colon. Transparent and dear,
Smell: The scent of violet flowers with hints of licorice and tobacco.
In the mouth: velvety and fruity Taste with a long finish, full of flavor and character.

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