The Estate

The organic farming Croce di Febo is owned by the Vincenti-Comitini Family and it is about 35 ha, 9 ha of which for specific vineyard. For the implant of our vineyard we reject all the fertile areas, we choose the marlyer and all of that are exposed to Midday and East; the rest grow olive, arable lands and woods. All the most important growing actions are made directly by the family following the organic method. Our philosophy and all our attempt are turned to produce the best with the lowest environmental impact We believe this is the only way to exalt the nature of our region and to make the best production.


Croce di Febo

AZ. Agr. Croce di Febo Biologica - Via di Fontellelera, 19/A - P.iva 00826020521 - C.F. VNCSLV64H46F592C