The Cellar

The cellar of Fontelellera was designed with the will of ensure the safety of the men at work and of contain at maximum the emission of CO2 and the consumption of H2O, always following the headmost vinification methods: photovoltaic panels produce all the energy; and all the waste waters, draying through a Fito/Foto sistem of depuration, are stored and then used during the summer to irrigate.
The area of reciving hearvest allows a very good selection of our grapes and the vinification, entirely “drop”, avoid the use of mechanical pumps lifting.
The cellar of vinification is provide of temperature control on all tanks, instead the Barriccaia and the aging cellar are always at the same temperature.
The vinification is always developed with the will of minimize the use of chemicals and the synthetic products, preserve a craft process, encurage the aspect of the individual terroirs, exalting the typical and the uniqueness of every single harvest.


Croce di Febo

AZ. Agr. Croce di Febo Biologica - Via di Fontellelera, 19/A - P.iva 00826020521 - C.F. VNCSLV64H46F592C