Why Croce di Febo

Croce di Febo, that is the farm, the head office of the estate, is not an abbreviation or a reference to the greek mythology, but it has a religious origin. Careful research allowed to find out the real meaning of this definition. So is re-emerged from oblivion a figure, Baldassarre Audibert: he was a pilgrim, a particular preacher, a strict penitent. On Baldassarre’s story you can find many versions, but the most populare says that He was a Napoleonic officer, that He came to Italyat the end of XVIII century, with a division of the Grande Armee. Audibert, disgusted by violence to Italian population, decided to defect, turning his rifle into a cross and serving poors and needy, as a modem conscientious objector. An eccentric preacher, Baldassarre Audibert, He traveled by foot, no hurry, to see new holy places, with many stops in front of tabernacles, holy figures small isolated chapels, and also to meet simple people, to communicate his message of peace and love. In 1790 Baldassarre started to visit the holy pplaces in Italy, first of all Rome; in 1795 chose to go to Tuscany; as He say so: “…then I was inspired by God to see all the holy places of Tuscany, and I really seen all…”. During his traveling He raised crosses with symbols of the passion of Christ in many places, specially in the forks of rural streets and in front of farms. Heconsoled poors and powerful men, and advised right wills. His charm was so big that influenced many powerful men, as Davide Lazzaretti “the prophet of Amiata”, and the Grand Duke of Tuscany.Audibert identified with cross the symbolic tool to appease wrath; those crosses were called Croci di Febo because He impressed on every base the acronym F.EB.O. meaning “Fecit Erigere Baldassarre Odibert, with the diphthong Italia nized. Even though many crosse in time were reworked or removed, you can piece together a common typology: a latin cross constituted by a wood structure and a rock “peperino” basement. Among the privileged places of Audibert we include the area near Monticchiello and Montepulciano.


Croce di Febo

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